Post Healing Procedure

Integrate your deep healing

DNA Reprogramming

1.  Drink plenty of water to assist in clarification process.

2.  Although we guide closely to be sure all heavy emotions are expressed. Some may be less familiar with this process and therefore still suppressed emotions during the session subconsciously.  Heavy repressed emotions that have not been fully processed in the session may cause soreness in the body. Take time to sit with these emotions and follow the guidance of our session to continue to dissolve pictures which were indicated to you during the session.  You may also follow this video:


3.  Take time to rest and receive.

4.  Avoid Social media, Films, Videos and virtual Stimulation.

5.  Peaceful Private time will help enforce our work.  Practice neutrality if triggered by negativity or external triggers.

6.  Come Into Neutral non-judgmental Observation

7.  Allow Source Life force to flow through the body.

8.  You may eat grounding clean food to help ground

9.  Actively read your energetic body and GPAC

10. Practice Energetic Hygiene - Reintegrate attachments or cords that do not  serve you daily

11.  Break Daily Karmic Contracts (video below)

12.  Everything begins and ends with you, You are the healer emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically. Accept and love yourself and embody awareness in order to apply shifts of the subconscious mind.

13.  Activate your crown chakra in order to cocreate consciously



These sessions are deigned to not only be healing but trainings. They are encoded with key information to assist your soul on its journey of becoming one. 

  I am here to support you when you are ready to go deeper once again.

Here is the daily meditation I ask you do! This will help you Break Daily Karmic Contracts and help the spirit move through healing and slowly evolve.


18. GPAC




19. Love Yourself - Remember that you are worthy of living a life filled with infinite possibilities. You are infinite consciousness becoming aware of itself. Live that way. Honor the beautiful intelligence of the complex organism you are. Make choices that allow you to flourish and thrive into your highest possible expression in waking time, dream time and even death afterlife.


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